4 Steps to Removing Wildlife from Your Home Permanently

If you have a wildlife problem, we have the solution. From Rats, Raccoons, Squirrels, Bats, and even snakes, we have a 4 step method that is guaranteed to keep wildlife out of your home guaranteed!

1. Free Home Evaluation. From top to bottom.

2. Seal up your home – close every existing and potential entry point.

3. Trap any animals still in the home. We humanely trap and remove them off your property.

4. We decontaminate any space previously contaminated by feces, urine or nesting.

Once all 4 steps are complete you receive a lifetime guarantee against any wildlife entering your home ever again.

For a detailed inspection of your home or business call James at Animals In The Attic Brevard for a free home inspection. He knows where to look and how to stop rodents from entering your home. And of course if you already know or suspect you have rats don’t wait any longer.

321-614-6005. Only Animals in the Attic Brevard gets them out and keeps them out – Guaranteed!

Animals In The Attic is Brevard County’s wildlife control, removal and extermination experts. Dealing with wildlife can be dangerous, be safe and call the experts – 24 hours a day 321-614-6005

If you are hearing rat, raccoon or squirrel sounds noise, or noises in your attic call us now!

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