A few words about us

Well first and foremost we are animal lovers. But we know we can’t live with wild animals in our homes.  Our first choice is always relocation and then if extermination is required we use the most humane methods available.

We provide rodent & wildlife prevention, elimination and decontamination services for your home or business. Whether you need humane wildlife removal or rodent prevention, elimination and decontamination we have the solution.  At Animals In The Attic we pride ourselves on providing you with the solutions you need to protect your home, business and most importantly your health and peace of mind.

At Animals In The Attic, our upfront pricing, thorough exclusion services (animals proofing) and decontamination processes will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Guaranteed! See our Lifetime Wildlife Guarantee page for more information.

Our decontamination services are second to none. It is a key component in our process and ensures the bacteria/diseases (carried and left behind by wildlife) putting your health at risk & attractants (odors from urine and feces) drawing other animals are neutralized. Animals In The Attic is setting a new level of industry standard with our decontamination process. Learn more in our decontamination section.

Call 321-614-6005 now to remove or prevent any nuisance wildlife from entering your home or business today.

Our 4 Step Method

1. Complimentary Assessment
After our prompt arrival we will survey the problematic areas of your structure, evaluate the attic and detail a course of action to resolve your wildlife issues permanently. Of course we will provide you with the cost of our services and we never increase our price.
2. Removal – We get ‘em out!
Immediately after your project is approved we will begin trapping and/or removing the problematic wildlife in your structure until we get ‘em out.
3. Exclusion – We keep ‘em out!
After we are confident you are wildlife free we seal up any current and potential entry points to keep ‘em out permanently. In some cases the exclusion portion of your service will be done prior to step two.
4. Decontamination – We clean ‘em out!
Lastly we ensure your property is bacteria, odor and disease free through our signature virucide, sanitizer and deodorization process. For more information