How to keep rats from entering Barrel Tile Roof, Bird Stop, Rat entry points, Melbourne, FL

How to keep wildlife from entering your home through your barrel tire roof? The most vulnerable spot on roofs with barrel tile is where the first (or end) tile meets the edge of the roof. This spot usually has a material to close this hole called “bird stop”. The original purpose was to stop birds from nesting in these holes. Birds are bad enough, but at least they would just stay in the edge of the roof. Rats , mice and squirrels however will use these holes as a way into your house.

There are different kinds of bird stop. Metal, foam rubber, cement, and
none. None is the case when the the holes are relatively small. I guess the logic is that the hole is too small for a bird to nest, but its plenty big of a rodent to enter.

The metal and cement bird stops we have come across work very well at prevent all types of wild life from entering. Only in the case of a poor fit have we seen rodent entry points.

The foam rubber variety is great at keeping birds from nesting but is not much of a deterrent to rodents. Rats, mice and squirrels can gnaw through it in no time. Some people think they can patch or seal these holes. But the critters will just eat through another hole before the night is over. The only method we recommend to solve this problem is replacing all the foam with cement. We add a colored dye into the cement mix to match the house or the old bird stop and apply the cement by hand. Its tedious work but really the only permanent solution.

Metal cannot be inserted without removing tile, and this much more involved than the cement technique.

The key to sealing up your home is to cover all bases. Rats especially, are very smart. If you seal them out of one area they will find another. So you need to find the weak links in your home to prevent wildlife from entering.

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