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We normally try to stay in our own backyard to be able to offer our customers the 24/7 hands-on service they deserve. But when you get call after call from someone begging you for help – what can you do, but help. They already tried 5 different pest control or wildlife removal companies without success. We couldn’t let her continue to throw away her money on ineffective techniques.

So we drove to Ft. Lauderdale to solve a major rat infestation problem. The house is only lived-in part of the year, which gives any critters free reign once they get in. And in this home they had a party goin’ on.

The rats found a couple entry points that apparently were missed by the other pest control companies. We found them and secured them. We call this exclusion. We want to exclude all wildlife from your home. And when we do – we guarantee our work for life.

Anyway, take a look at this video, and BTW if seeing a lot of rat poop gives you the willies – well don’t watch. Cause its everywhere! And luckily you don’t have smell-a-vision! I’ll leave it at that…

Something interesting about rat behavior; The rats found a full unopened bag of dog food in the pantry and dragged it out into the family room for easy access. Rats usually take food that they have found and stash it in the walls, attic, or in the furniture for future use. This bag was completely empty.

Take a look at the damage they did to the dresser. They made their own bedding from the wood of the drawers. Rat mothers will do what it takes to make a nice nest for their babies.

The lesson here is if you leave of an extend period of time, make sure your house is secure, and have someone keep an eye on it. If they spot some activity, action needs to be taken before it gets out of control like in this case.

If you want your home secured and a guarantee that wildlife won’t ever get in, call James (he’s the guy in the orange shirt) at Animals In The Attic Brevard for a free home inspection. He knows where to look and how to stop rats, rodents, squirrels and raccoons from entering your home. And of course if you already know or suspect you have rats or any kind of wildlife don’t wait any longer.

Oh and one other thing, at least one of the pest control companies that tried to get rid of the rats put bait boxes around the house. That’s the worst idea in the world! If you know the rats are still going in and out of the house, why would you poison them? If a rat eats the poisoned bait, they’ll start feeling sick and… (what do we do?) go to bed. Which is back in the home – to die, and stink, and decay, and generate maggots and flies! Sorry for the drama but some people just don’t get it. And if you are lucky enough that the rat dies outside – just hope your’s or a neighbors dog or cat doesn’t mess with it, or they’ll get poisoned. No matter how you look at it poison is a bad idea.

Call 321-614-6005. Only Animals in the Attic Brevard gets them out and keeps them out – Guaranteed!

Animals In The Attic is Brevard County’s wildlife control, removal and extermination experts. And sometimes we hit the road!

Dealing with wildlife can be dangerous, be safe and call the experts – 24 hours a day 321-614-6005

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