Bat Removal

Along With The Property Damage They Cause, Bats and Their Guano (droppings) Carry Diseases!


Bat Removal

Bat management is truly a challenge. The three most common species encountered domestically are the big brown bat, the little brown bat, and the Brazilian free-tailed bat.  The first part of successfully managing a bat infestation is to inspect and evaluate the situation. Two inspections may be necessary for a full understanding of the situation.

•An inspection at dusk determines the size of the infestation as the bats leave for their nightly feeding. Also, it shows their preferred exit point from the structure.

•A second inspection needs to take place during daylight hours when humans can see best (bright lights such as flash lights and work lights may scare the bats at night and cause them to change their habits) and the bats are sleeping. This inspection needs to identify deficiencies of the building/structure, the roosting site, species of bat, and equipment needed to effectively control or exclude them.

The most accepted and effective way to control a bat population is through bat proofing of the structure. This is a biologically accepted, practical, and economical solution. The best time of year to accomplish this is late fall after the roost clears for hibernation or late winter / early spring prior to bats returning. All openings 3/8 of an inch or larger must be sealed. Another effective method if worried about trapping bats inside is installation of one-way bat check valves. If the potential entry points are too numerous, then plastic bird netting is an effective solution.

Do Not Ignore Signs of Bats In Your Attic

Bats are a potentially dangerous infestation to control. Bats can carry rabies without showing any signs and living or working near bats may increase chances of exposure. Also, accumulation of their droppings creates a suitable environment for the growth of Histoplasma capsulatum, a fungus which can cause lung disease in humans. Spores contained within the dust are inhaled into the lungs. Severe cases can be fatal. This danger and access to the proper safety equipment are two reasons why only experts should attempt to control bat infestations.  At Animals In The Attic our proprietary decontamination process destroys all the harmful bacteria and disease associated with bats. See our decontamination page for more information. 

Animals In The Attic will remove the bats, exclude them from your property permanently and decontaminate the areas affected by urine and fecal matter neutralizing potential disease to humans and pets as well as the odors that attract more wildlife.

Call 321-614-6005 now to resolve your bat problems permanently. We typically can arrive for your complimentary assessment in just a few hours and have your issues resolved in as little as a few days. Guaranteed!  See our Lifetime Wildlife Guarantee page for more information.