Palm Bay Malabar Area

The Palm Bay, Malabar & Grant Area has a large population of wildlife. This rural area has lots of land filled with palmettos and pines, along with the unfortunate abandoned home. These add up to a haven for rats and rodents alike.

We are constantly serving the palm Bay and Malabar area with great success in keeping the wildlife out where they belong. We have vast experience dealing with Rats, Raccoons, Squirrels, Opossums, bat & even snakes in Palm Bay, Malabar & Grant. We have a simple 4 step method to rid you of these pests:

1. Complimentary Property Inspection and Assessment

After our prompt arrival we will survey the problematic areas of your structure, evaluate the attic and detail a course of action to resolve your wildlife issues permanently. Of course we will provide you with the cost of our services and we never increase our price.
2. Removal – We get ‘em out!
Immediately after your projects approval we will begin trapping and/or removing the problematic wildlife in your structure until we get ‘em out.
3. Exclusion – We keep ‘em out!
After we are confident you are wildlife free we seal up any current and potential entry points to keep ‘em out permanently. In some cases the exclusion portion of your service will be done prior to step two.
4. Decontamination – We clean ‘em out!
Lastly we ensure your property is bacteria, odor and disease free through our signature virucide, sanitizer and deodorization process. This process also prevents new animals from being attracted to your home.  For more information about this process visit our Decontamination page. For more information on diseases carried and spread by rodents visit our Diseases Directly Transmitted by Rodents page.

And then you receive our Life Time Guarantee against any wildlife re-entering through any of our exclusions. If you do have another animal problem, we will do the whole process again for no additional charge – as long as you own your home!

If you suspect you have rats or rodents living in your attic, call 321-614-6005 now for a free inspection.